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53rd e 3rd chords lyrics


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     53rd e 3rd (chords)
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        53RD & 3RD

    [ EDA (2x) ] T
    E D A E
    If you think you can, well come on man
    E D A C
    I was a Green Beret in Vietnam O
    E D A M
    No more of your fairy stories P
    E D A L
    'Cause I got my other worries. E
    D A E
    53rd and 3rd
    G A R
    Standing on the street A
    D A M
    53rd and 3rd O
    G A N
    I'm tryin' to turn a trick E
    D A S
    53rd and 3rd
    G A G
    You're the one they never pick U
    D A I
    53rd and 3rd T
    G A A
    Don't it make you feel sick? R

    If you think... T
    53rd and 3rd... B

    B A C
    Then I took out my razor blade O
    B A M
    Then I did what God forbade P
    G A I
    Now the cops are after me L
    G A A
    But I proved that I'm no sissy. T
    E B O
    53rd and 3rd
    Standing on the street
    53rd and 3rd

    I'm tryin' to turn a trick

    53rd and 3rd

    You're the one they never pick

    53rd and 3rd

    Don't it make you feel sick?
    53rd & 3rd (repeat & fade out)
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